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We see the great opportunity for Ukraine for foreign investments. On fall of 2014, Sadko group established new company Sadko Consulting, that occupy oneself with investments attraction in Ukraine. During the work of Sadko group we managed to set up strong relations with foreign partners, financial market players. And all these connections of Sadko group were merged with Sadko consulting.

Sadko consulting represent on exclusive rights the interest of leading local companies and promising investment projects.

Taking into consideration, that Sadko group has a vast expertise of doing business in Ukraine, we offer to foreign companies only the most actual and effective opportunities to make investments.

Old Odessa. Duke of Richelieu. Potemkinskaya stairs.
Old Odessa.
Since 1828 statue of Duke de Richelieu(1766-1822).
The most famous and sucessful governor of Odessa (1803-1814), and twice Prime Minister of France.

Our location is defining our awareness and helps to be successful. The city of Odessa is the ultimately unique place, uniting the multicultural habit and unmatched style.

The compound of Ukrainian, Jewish, Greek, French, Italian, German and many other cultures formed the one of a kind image of Odessa citizen, that took the best from all the 140+ nationalities that lives in Odessa.

Official web site of Odessa.

Guiding principles
– Creative style and social responsibility.

– Reputation of company.

– Kind hearted and friendly relations in business.

– Flexibility and openness.

– Self culture and professionalism

– Search for innovations and new approaches.
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